About Our Organization

YourVoiceMatters.org is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots issue advocacy organization.  We are independent of any political party, lobbyist, or special interest group influence.  We are, literally, supported by your generous donations and rely on volunteers to help us accomplish our goals.

Our purpose is to help the normally silent majority ensure that their voice is heard by their elected representatives and actually matters in making the important decisions that affect our lives. If you would like to help us in some way, please consider making a donation or visit our volunteer sign-up page.

Regardless of what the politicians say, we are not that divided as a country. There are many, many issues on which the vast majority of Americans can agree. We just need to make ourselves heard in Washington.

Our Mission and Goals

Our mission is solely to educate the public about specific issues and enlist their support in advocating for or against specific legislation or policies.  Our goals are nothing less than taking back America from the special interest groups and lobbyists and returning control of our countries destiny to the majority.

According to our Declaration of Independence, governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.  By not speaking up we are indirectly giving our consent.  The silent majority can no longer stay silent if we want our country to reflect our morals, values, and beliefs.  When you decide to speak up on any issue that you are about, we will be here to help you make sure that Your Voice Matters.